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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Rosie's recipe - pork chops with mustard and honey sauce and lemon smashed potatoes

My go at Rosie Lovell's recipe of 'fillet of pork with mustard and honey sauce and lemon smashed new potatoes' - I made a slight variation in that I cooked leg of pork steak instead of fillet of pork, I was cooking for my housemate - with who I alternate cooking with - I felt a fillet would take too long and a steak would be adequate for us. Both myself and my housemate try out new recipes, which is always fun! (Maybe there might be some future recipes from her too, with photos and the recipe, or just own recipe if it is her own creation) There also may be some cakes coming this way too!

I am pretty proud of the way this recipe turned out - it was a LOT easier than I expected and minimal dish and saucepan use - always good for a messy student house! Just a pan for the potatoes and a pan for the sauce, pork chops cooked under the grill and only various spoons needed for the different condiments used in the sauce.

Right this is my variation of Rosie's recipe - but it did come from her so in no way am I claiming it's actually mine!:
Ingredients: (for 2 people)
2 leg of pork steaks/pork chops/loin of pork chops

a small bowl of water - accompanied by a dessert spoon (to spoon into the sauce in order to loosen it)
1 dessert spoon grainy mustard
1 dessert spoon creme fraiche
1 dessert spoon runny honey
black pepper

lemon smashed new potatoes:
8 medium/small sized new potatoes
1 lemon
olive oil
black pepper

I started by putting the new potatoes in a saucepan and like Rosie said, immersing them in boiling water with a pinch of salt, then leave to simmer with the lid on. (I stuck the timer on for 20 minutes)

Meanwhile, I got out all the rest of the ingredients and turned the grill on so it can get to the hottest heat. My leg of pork steak was quite thick, so once the grill was hot enough (say after the potatoes had been cooking for 5 minutes) I stuck the steaks under it to start cooking.

I then left the potatoes to cook and the leg of pork steaks as well - but I turned the pork steaks midway through - say when the potatoes have been on for 10 minutes. Basically I cooked the steak each side for 10 mins on the highest heat, but you can cook it to however you see fit, as long as it's cooked properly, which as Rosie says is: not pink - as that is undercooked and not grey which is overcooked! Once the steaks are nearly done and the potatoes are near to the end of their cooking time, start the sauce.

Put all the condiments into another saucepan, so that is, a dessert spoon of grainy mustard, 2 dessert spoons of creme fraiche and 1 dessert spoon of runny honey. I used a whisk to mix the condiments together. I left the sauce for a couple of minutes whilst I sorted out the potatoes.

Check the potatoes are cooked throughly, and as Rosie says -if you stick a knife into the largest one and it slips off easily then it should be fine! Then I drained the potatoes and put the lid on again, and moved the potatoes about quite vigorously, to loosen the skins, and drizzled some olive oil into the saucepan (extra virgin olive oil would work even better as said by Rosie, but I didn't have any and it's a bit pricey for a student!) I then squeezed in one lemon, sprinkled some dried thyme over them and seasoned with salt and pepper and then left them with the lid on until I was ready to plate up.

Back to the sauce. The sauce may have thicken by now so to loosen it, I added some dessert spoons of water from a small bowl I had on the side, I added around 4 spoonfuls and whisked it until it came to a nice saucy consistency and then added black pepper.

Then to the pork steaks - make sure you check the steaks throughout cooking. But after 20 minutes under the grill at the highest heat, each side cooked for around 10 minutes - they should be cooked throughly - or just cut into them to check the colour (as mentioned above).

Plating up: I arranged some spinach on the plate on which I laid the new potatoes and then drizzled some of the lemony oily sauce from the saucepan. On the other half of the plate I placed the pork steaks and then drizzled the honey mustard sauce over them (as above in the photo!)

I hope that recipe, my way, makes sense. And thanks to Rosie for this fab recipe, I'll definitely be bringing others from her book to this blog!

Love FF x

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