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Friday, 23 September 2011

Graze Box - Review

This post is a little different from the rest, the reason I'm doing a review on this and the product itself all comes courtesy of a colleague at work, who told me all about this and thought it would be a good idea to write about it on here! I am so happy he suggested this as the product itself is such an interesting concept!

So the product itself is called a Graze Box, you can check out the website here. The whole concept of it is to provide a healthy snack box delivered to your home/desk. At a time when everyone is always so busy, this is just pure convenience and trying to approach the typical office snacking in a nutritious way, so when you're absent-mindedly popping biscuits and chocolate into your mouth, you could have this box on your desk with healthy little goodies to help you get through the day.

Now in terms of the prices and delivery schedule, I do think it's a little on the pricey side coming in at £3.49. If this was a full lunch, I think it would be relatively good value considering what you can spend in the supermarket buying a sandwich/salad etc but seeing as this is only snack food then it is a little overpriced. The plus point on the delivery side is that you can "push back" deliveries, it is booked in weekly but you can re-arrange on the website and decide when you want it. You are not required to set up a direct debit, only to input your account details and the money is only taken before receiving a box and not weekly.

In terms of your food choices, you really do have a great range of snacks to choose from. Their food is separated into various sections and you decide what to "bin" (which means they will never send you it), to "try" or "like" which just means you wouldn't mind if you received and "love" which indicates that you would be happy to receive it and then there's a "send me now" button, which means there's a high chance you will receive that snack. They also divide the snack box up so you won't receive 2 items from the same category.

My first box was free as my colleague received 4 vouchers which entitles friends to a free first box and kindly gave one to me. However as I have now made an account with the website, I have a code so please click here and use the code - 43TBJ3G to try out a Graze Box for free!

Overall, I think it's a great idea. You might notice from the website and if you receive a box that they are taking a marketing approach that is very similar to what has been coined as 'the Innocent approach', a strategy where they market the brand in a fun and engaging way, to involve you in the [healthy snacking] concept and to give you the freedom to choose what you'd like and the convenience of working around you in terms of delivery.

It is a clever concept and I would definitely recommend trying it out if you're a lover of healthy foods and brands similar to this. It doesn't take long to register, the only lengthy part is deciding what you do and don't want in the box. The upside is definitely the thought behind it, the offer of trying the first box for free, the food itself and the easiness of it all. The downside would be the price of it and perhaps a lack of availability of some of the products (including whole ranges, such as the bread.)

A closer peek at my box -

I received black pepper rice crackers, yin and yang (a selection of dried cherries, dark chocolate buttons, dried jumbo raisins and blanched almonds), 3 mini fruit and seed flapjacks and kalamata olives with herbs. All of these snacks were delicious, it does show that at least the money has been well spent on sourcing what I hope are natural and nutritious ingredients!

You also receive this cute little mini leaflet with the box detailing all of the nutrition information and 4 vouchers for free boxes for your family and friends.

Let me know what you think of the Graze box if you decide to order a free one!


  1. I love Graze! I started ordering it a few years ago when it first came out and was free for the first try! Since then they have added loads more yummy things, and I'm thinking of starting to order them every now and again. Awesome idea :D

  2. Yay! Wow I didn't even know that it was a few years old! That's pretty cool. Yeah they are great for a once in a while treat, especially if you can get a free box! :)