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Saturday, 9 July 2011

My Food Diary - part 1 - Cornish Times!

Normally when the words "food diary" are uttered it conjures up images of girls dieting and scribbling down everything they've eaten, to in turn just feel bad about themselves! This is not that kind of food diary! These are photos of food I've eaten on my travels to both Cornwall and Valencia, however there are a LOT of photos so I am splitting it into two posts, this one being the food from Cornwall. It might be completely obvious from either this post or from knowing me, but when I'm travelling, food is one of the highlights for me. I'm so excited to try new, different foods and just generally open up my food horizon!

Lemon and Thyme flavoured chicken from this wonderful little restaurant called Rhubarb in St.Ives.

The accompanying sides to the meal, plain and sweet potato wedges, green beans and mangetout with a lemon and sesame seed dressing. I had fried butter beans and chorizo as my side, but unfortunately did not take a picture of it!

Well, you can't go to Cornwall and not have fudge! This is rocky road fudge and black forest fudge. The black forest was miles tastier than the rocky road!

Delicious chimichangas from a teeny tiny Mexican restaurant in St. Ives.

Similarly to the fudge, you definitely can't go to Cornwall without having a Cornish cream tea. Above is the cream tea that me and my sister shared in this little tea shop called Madeline's (I think!)

A very gluttonous but moreish dinner of a giant lamb and mint pasty with roasted vegetables (cooked at home as we were staying self catering)

Double scooped ice cream in a huge chocolatey cone! YUM!

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