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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

messy muffins

Have just put in a batch of white chocolate chip and cranberry muffins, got a bit messy as usual when I pour the mixture into the cases as it goes all over the tin! 

muffins de-messed and oven ready ^

Sophie Dahl's lovely cookery programme is on tonight, which I am looking forward to. Last weeks was great, she made a very delicious looking roasted tomato soup with double baked cheese and chive potatoes which I am hoping to make soon, just when I always want the soup I realise I'll have to wait for the tomatoes and onions to roast and then make something else because I'm too hungry and impatient to wait!

I'm loving listening to Eliza Doolittle at the moment, her music is so plinky plonky, sweet and summery with a bit of London attitude thrown in there for good measure. The Skinny Genes video is adorable as well, I really like the way she is styled in this and how the outfits pop with the other colours in the video. 

So I'm going to enjoy a bit of the doolittle before the muffins are ready.

Love FF x 

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